HIRE PERIOD: The charges are strictly for periods of hire as stated below:

                          Daily: Collect from 8.30am and return for 8.00am the next day (7 days a week) or collect 5.30pm and return                                      for 5.00pm the next day (Mon - Fri only)

                          Weekend: Collect 5.30pm Friday and return for 8.00am Monday

RATES: The current rates shown can change without notification and are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

FUEL: The petrol vehicles start the hire on minimum and you return the same. The diesel vehicles start with a full tank and you pay for the fuel used. We have our own onsite refueling tanks and we are cost price. Charges available on request.

PAYMENT: We require full hire payment when booking plus an additional refundable deposit. We only accept payment by credit or debit card.

DEPOSIT: An additional refundable deposit is also taken. This will be used towards extra charges such as fuel, loss of parts, late return, damage by misuse, theft or insurance claims. If paying by credit card it is £100.00 for cars, MPV's, vans, minibuses & £150.00 for 7.5 ton vehicles. If paying by debit card it is £200.00 for any vehicle. It is always £200.00 if the vehicle is travelling abroad regardless of what payment card you use. The deposit will also be held if there is a need for excessive cleaning after your hire or there is evidence of smoking. The deposit is refundable to the debit/credit card you used when booking.

MILEAGE ALLOWANCE: The hire rates are calculated to include a mileage allowance of up to 300 miles per day and 1800 miles per week.

INSURANCE: The insurance proposal included in the rental agreement must be completed by each and every person wishing to drive the vehicle. An extra charge is made for more than one driver. The insurance does not cover loss of goods or compensate us for loss of days the vehicle is off the road for repair. You are responsible for any overhead damage caused.

In the event of damage or theft occurring the hirer will be liable for the current responsibility amounts:

  • £100 for Road Traffic Collisions
  • £500 for damage due to carelessness or negligence on cars, minibuses and vans.
  • £1000 for damage due to carelessness or negligence on 7.5 ton lorries
  • £500 for theft, attempted theft or component theft on cars, minibuses and vans
  • £1000 for theft, attempted theft or component theft on 7.5 ton lorries

The hirer can reduce the theft amount by paying a theft reducer.

Customers may arrange their own insurance. It must be fully comprehensive cover and we require to see the policy or cover note and be advised of the current excess amount.

AGE LIMITS: Drivers must be aged between 23 and 69 to drive all cars, light and medium commercials and between 25 and 69 to drive minibuses.

DRIVING LICENCES: A current driving licence (not provisional) must be produced by the driver at the time of hiring. They will need to show the plastic photocard or Photo I.D. must be produced if they have the old style paper licence. Whichever licence they have they will also need to confirm if they have a clean licence or any points/convictions. They will need to visit www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence , log in and check licence details are correct. Then go to the 'Share My Licence Information' section, create a code and the code will appear on screen. Under the code select 'Print/Save' and the counterpart summary will come up for you to download on your phone or print off from a PC. We also need to see any letter, posted to the same address on the licence, dated within 3 months of the hire date. The driver must have passed their driving test over one year ago. We need to know in advance of any driving points in the last 4 years and any driving bans within the last 11 years. Hirers must check that they have the correct licence to drive the minibus range (D1) and commercials over 3.5 tonne gross vehicle weight (C1).

EXTENSION OF HIRE: If you require to extend the hire you must inform our rental office immediately to ensure that adequate insurance cover is effected.

CANCELLATION: Once a booking has been made and payment received, if the vehicle is then cancelled we reserve the right to charge the value of the rental. However, if we are able to re-let the vehicle the payment will be refunded, subject to a handling charge.

EUROPEAN HIRE: We are pleased to offer this service and our staff will quote for your specific requirements on request.

LONG TERM RENTAL: If you require a vehicle for a longer period of hire, discount rates may apply. Full details are available on request.

OPERATOR'S LICENCE: Hirers renting the 7.5 tonne commercials in connection with a trade or profession must hold a current operator's licence. The vehicles are liable to be impounded and the driver/hirer prosecuted if a licence is not held. This is not required for people moving house or personal effects.

D.O.E. REGULATIONS: Goods vehicles must not be overloaded and it is the hirers responsibility to ensure that it does not occur. Heavy fines can be imposed by the Department of the Environment.

VEHICLE INSPECTION & CONDITION: All vehicles are fully checked before each hire and they are serviced in our own workshops. If the vehicle has any problems during your hire there is a 24 hour back up service.

TYRES: The company will not accept responsibility for damage to tyre side walls and wheels caused by vehicles hitting kerbs and obstructions.

TROLLEYS: We can supply a porters trolley to make it easier to move heavy and bulky items. Please enquire when reserving your van.

NON SMOKING: All rental vehicles are strictly non smoking. Deposits will be withheld if there is any evidence of this condition being broken.

ANIMALS: In order to satisfy the majority of our customers, we regret that we are unable to allow animals or pets to be carried in our vehicles at any time.

TRADE SALES: We have a range of ex-rental cars and commercial vehicles for sale at trade value. Full inspections and test drives welcome.